HKC Digital Signage System

Digital Signage is a sub-segment of  signage

Digital signage use technologies such as LCD,  LED and Projection to display content such as  digital images, video, streaming media, and  infographic.

Digital Signage is a trend

Digital Signage can be found in public spaces  and can display a variety of rich and dynamic  content which can meet consumers’ needs.



HKC digital signage

  • Using centralized management technology to manage concurrent contents in  multiple locations
  • Based on the same technology platform
  • Delivering messages to target audience from  public to private area

With HKC Digital signage, your brand may reach a real figure in marketing through unique system in a number of hospitals in Ho Chi Minh city.

Digital signage 5

The superiority of HKC digital signage technology solution

  • Executive location distribution and easy system expansion
  • Flexible in content production contents which
  • meet each specific customers needs
  • Ability to pre-schedule content during the day  HD images
  • Ability to split multiple content areas on the same screen
  • Executive investment fee to gain high CPV
  • Remote content management  Convenience in monitoring and control

Digital signage 2The best features of Content Manager:

  • Managing multimedia content in each location
  • Splitting multiple content areas on the same display screen
  • Pre-scheduling
  • Managing players status
  • Reporting

Digital signage 3



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